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Axios reports that they are flocking to Confide, a secret messaging app that deletes chats after theyre read. Confide's newfound reputation as a tool for Republican officials and members of the Trump administration has resulted in an enormous spike in usage and engagement, the app's co-founder and president Jon Brod told Fortune. The secretive app founded in 2013 as Snapchat for professionals would not disclose user figures, but Brod says the number of new sign-ups this week is triple last weeks total. Brod says his company does not conduct formal marketing campaigns, so the apps popularity has spread through word-of-mouth. The app is available in 15 different languages and is being used in more than 180 countries. Since 2013, it has raised about $3 million from Google Ventures, SV Angel, and Billy Bush (yes, the same Billy Bush featured prominently in Trump's Access Hollywood tape). Brod told Fortune that Confide has seen "accelerated growth" since the election. We see a spike for virtually all well-publicized communication hacks and leaks, he said. Indeed, the app has gained popularity after key security events in its short life.

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