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'Is this the new Filipino life?' Manila rappers blast Duterte's war on drugs

Olares moved away after their home -- which had perched on stilts precariously over a stinking, trash-filled canal -- was demolished. The shanty home -- now demolished -- of Jennilyn Olayres and Michael Siaron, who was shot dead by an unidentified gunman. The image of his body being cradled by Olayres was seen around the world. But even without the notoriety of his death, his memory might have lived on in another way. Members of a local rap group called One Pro Exclusive, whose cramped home studio is in a tenement in the neighborhood where Siaron once lived, have paid tribute to their slain friend with hip hop. The song is called "Hustisya," the Tagalog word for justice. "When I wrote the song ... I was thinking of my friend, who was just trying to earn a living as a pedicab driver, but became a victim of the war on drugs," says Justins Juanillas, the group's main rapper. The group also hail from Santo NiƱo -- the same "barangay," or neighborhood -- as Siaron.

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