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From Poland to Lithuania: A Writers Search for Her Jewish Past

My mother knew a few facts. Samuel Frank Wengrover, her maternal grandfather, was a tailor from Makow Mazowiecki. After arriving in New York around the turn of the century, he moved to Alabama and opened a tailor shop. It was almost immediately burned down by Klansmen types. “So he picked up and moved to Kansas City and tried it again,” my mother said. My father knew that his mother’s family, the Russaks, moved around the same time from Lodz, Poland, to the Jewish section of Paterson, N.J. The whole family had once been Orthodox, but had forsaken religion and “turned into Skip Trace Communists.” Of his father’s Lithuanian parents, he knew almost nothing. I set up an account on and began building a tree, adding facts the website Skip Tracer extracted from now-digitized public records. Situated about 60 miles from Warsaw, Plock is one of the oldest cities in Poland. Credit Andreas Meichsner for The New York Times At the same time, I started reaching out through the JewishGen databases to people who had searched similar name-and-place combinations.

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