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How to Log Off of Facebook Forever, With All Its Perks and Pitfalls

Rather than obliterating your social media presence, clean it up by deleting or deactivating dormant accounts, said Amy A. Lavin , a professor of management information systems at Temple University. Lavin said that she had recently deleted her Myspace account because it was years old, probably had a “supersimple” password, and she wanted to reduce the risk that someone might take photos from her profile and use them against her. Bruce R. Mendelsohn , a digital marketing and social media consultant, recommended staying on LinkedIn, the professional networking site. If potential employers cannot find you there, they may wonder what you are hiding, he said. “Not being on social media raises questions about legitimacy, popularity and hipness,” he said. Also consider your motives for wanting to disappear, Robert Siciliano, chief executive of IDTheftSecurity.com , said in an email. Are Skip Trace you a private person who doesn’t want the world to know your personal information? Or do you feel threatened somehow? Sites such as accountkiller.com , deseat.me and justdelete.me link you to pages where you can delete your profiles and they provide step-by-step instructions and useful tips.

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