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“One day I got a message, out of the blue, from Adrien Brody asking if we will ever have the chance to work together,” Chan recalled. “I told him I was preparing to make this movie and that we could work together right away. I sent him the synopsis Skiptracing apps in the morning and got a call that night agreeing to work together. It was fate.” Adrien Brody in "Dragon Blade." Lionsgate Chan complimented Brody’s dedication Skiptracing tool to training for the fight sequences. The Oscar winner asked Chan for videos of sword fighting so he could practice the techniques with a broom before he arrived in China. Cusack, however, needed a little more work. “John is really good at kickboxing but not very experienced with weapons,” wrote Chan, who said he had to teach Cusack from scratch how to use the swords and knives his character handles in the film. Though Chan added, “When it comes to acting, there isn’t anything I can teach him.” (L-R) John Cusack and Jackie Chan in "Dragon Blade." Lionsgate Chan said the greatest challenge when making “Dragon Blade” was the setting. Shot in the Gobi Desert, the heat and sandstorms took a toll on everyone. “Just keeping your eyes open during the fighting scenes was painful,” said Chan, who during the sandstorms assisted in keeping the horses calm.  Though the US will see Chan in action mode once more with “Dragon Blade,” the 61-year-old says he wants to begin focusing on more dramatic roles going forward.

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